Dog Grooming

Joyce taught me how to groom over 20 years ago and I used that critical knowledge and skill to start and successfully run a grooming schoolof my own.

Not only did Joyce teach me the skills to be a well rounded groomer but the ins and outs of owning and operating my own dog grooming shop. 

She always led with her strong rules: never mistreat a dog, always be aware of where your scissors are cutting, walk away when frustrated and never give up.

The one on one instruction and guidance sets Joyce's Dog Grooming School apart from all others.  Her vast experience, insight and love for what she does led me to a very rewarding career.

                                                Nancy B.

I came to Joyce's Dog Grooming School when she was located in California.  I was looking for a grooming school that specialized in unique breeds and the grooming of show dogs, the are that I wanted to focus on. 

Joyce taught me the  valuable techniques of scissor finishing, hand stripping and grooming to the confirmation of the breed. 

With Joyce's help, I created a lucrative business that still flourishes today.

                                                  Jamie N.